Namespace $.ui.simplicityRenderParamsSearchResults

Widget that performs an AJAX request for rendered search results. This widget is useful for configurations that require a second round trip to a server to fetch the formatted result sets.

For optimal search performance, if your search controller can inject the search results as HTML into it's response then consider using simplicitySearchResults instead.
Defined in: ui.simplicityRenderParamsSearchResults.js.

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Widget options.
Method Summary
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<private> <static>  
Event handler for the simplicitySearchResponse event.
Namespace Detail
Field Detail
<static> $.ui.simplicityRenderParamsSearchResults.options
Widget options.
The simplicityDiscoverySearch widget that this widget binds it's events to. Defaults to 'body'.
The url from which to get the rendered results.
Method Detail
<private> <static> $.ui.simplicityRenderParamsSearchResults._searchResponseHandler()
Event handler for the simplicitySearchResponse event. Expects the given search response object to contain a _discovery.response.renderParameters field which it loads via $.load into the page.

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