Namespace $.ui.simplicityPageSnapBack

Widget that causes the current page to reset to the first when the search state changes. Without simplicityPageSnapBack, the current search page will not change when executing a new search.

This widget listens for the simplicityStateChanging event and uses it to determine if anything other than the page changed in the state. If it did then the page parameter is removed effectively snapping the page back to the first page of the results.
Defined in: ui.simplicityPageSnapBack.js.

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Widget options.
Method Summary
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<private> <static>  
Event handler for the simplicityStateChanging event.
Namespace Detail
  // Create all simplicityInputs widgets
      url: '/my_search_controller.php'
Field Detail
<static> $.ui.simplicityPageSnapBack.options
Widget options.
The simplicityState widget that this widget binds it's events to. Defaults to 'body'.
The parameter in the state where the current page is stored. Defaults to 'page'.
Enable logging of key events to console.log. Defaults to false.
Method Detail
<private> <static> $.ui.simplicityPageSnapBack._stateChangingHandler()
Event handler for the simplicityStateChanging event. Removes the page parameter, resetting the state to the first page if the new state changes anything other than the page parameter.

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